7th Biennial: September 27th, 2012.

DAY 1: September 27th, 2012.

Palau de la Música Catalana, Petit Palau. 9.00-19.00 h. Sant Pere Més Alt, s/n Barcelona.

Rosa Barba European Finalists:

  • Michel Desvigne_Ile Seguin: “Jardin de Prefiguration”, France.
  • João Ferreira Nunes_Etar de Alcântara: “Effluent Water Treatment Station”, Portugal.
  • Martí Franch/Ton Ardévol_Restauració del Paratge de Tudela: “Culip al Parc Natural del Cap de Creus”, Spain.
  • Marianne Mommsen_The Written Garden: “Gardens of the World”, Germany.
  • Jacqueline Osty_“Martin Luther King Park”, France.
  • Steffan Robel/Joachim Swillus_“Mangfallpark Rosenheim”, Germany.
  • Michael van Gessel_Twickel Estate: “Renovation of The Historic Park of Twickel Castle”, The Netherlands.
  • Launching of the 6th European Biennial Catalogue_by Novella Cappelletti, Director in Chief of Paysage, Italy.

Sharing the program and some of the images at the opening of this important event happening at the city of Barcelona, Spain.



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