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“This is a page on my website where I would like to share with you different things of interest in the world of Landscape and Architecture. Hopefully we can discover new fascinating findings”.  

-Massiel Mejía-


James Corner. Urban Dreamscaper.

As a landscape architect, James Corner leads his design team in the reclamation and re-creation of public space, from small parks to entire cities.

“Landscape architecture is basically the planning and design of space under the sky.” James Corner [ASLA]



CADspeed editors would like to pay tribute to Apple cofounder and former CEO Steve Jobs, who passed away on Wednesday. Although PC users outnumber Mac users in our field, often it was technology conceived by Jobs and developed by Apple that influenced and even transformed the CAD world over the years. Read More…



The recreational family houses near , designed by Chybik + Kristof Associated Architects, offer a possibility of permanent settlement. The project aims to create a residential area of high quality with direct contact with water surface. Furthermore, a considerable number of houses are located in the area of an ancient riparian forest in the riverbed of the Danube. The project’s main motto is to set up a space for a life in contact with nature, a life with a link to the original fauna and flora. More images and architects’ description after the break.

The relatively small parcels are visually interconnected by rich vegetation and a variety of high trees. The respective estates are separated from one another only by a low wall which defines clearly the boundary, but without spoiling the impression of the wilderness. The individual houses can be then seen as clear spots in the greenness. They are designed to be a place for living in the middle of the nature, literally on the boundary between the water surface and the park.

Regarding the small floor space of the houses (a little less than 120 m2), we decided to employ a simple form which, however, shows the object itself to good advantage. In this way, even such a small house can feature a presentable space of the living-room, a generous view on the surroundings and terraces both upstairs and on the ground floor.

The house is situated inside dense and rich vegetation. We put a great emphasis on the precision when choosing the species and when planting the garden. This way, the garden can operate in a practically maintenance-free manner during the whole year. Plant species grow up to different heights and their alternation creates gradation, mainly when looking out from the house into the garden. The whole garden is completed with constant views on the water surface. For the direct contact of people with water, a jetty linked to the house is put in place.

Architects: Chybik + Kristof Associated Architects
Location: Bratislava, 
Project Team: Ondřej Chybík, Michal Krištof, Josef Chybík, Milan Domkář, Martin Šafář, Pavel Steuer
Landscape Architect: Tomáš Babka
Visualization: Miss3.cz
Floor Space: 1800 m2 (15×120 m2)
Year: 2011

Graphics and renders…


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